We started Remote Weekly late last year with the goal of fuelling important remote work discussions and bringing to you the latest remote work news.

Remote work was a niche back then but a lot has changed in the past few months. Right away, everyone's experimented with and experienced remote working. But more than that, a significant chunk of companies and individuals are going fully remote.

Consequently, we've been bombarded with a huge amount of remote work related content in the form of blogs, guides, newsletters - you name it and we have it.

So we realised that your favourite remote work newsletter shouldn't bore you with the same stuff you can find anywhere else.

What's changing exactly?

Our focus still remains remote working but we are making huge structure/ format changes.

  1. Each newsletter will ideally be only 250-300 words, max 500 words. We want to make it a quick read so that you don't have to think twice before spending time on this 😉

  2. Each newsletter will aim to inform you or share a practical advice so that it isn't just a good read but something you will find useful too. We will talk about just one particular thing each week - a specific problem, news item or an explainer.

  3. Finally, we strongly believe that the discussions should never be one-way and hence, I will be sharing specific community posts for you to read and engage on.

Goes without saying that I would love to hear your thoughts or feedback on this. You can reach me at [email protected].